Excerpts and Historical Sources

Excerpt from Chapter One

Breaks in the Clouds

Although it had been more than ten months since the submarine Squalus had sunk, he remembered the event as if it had happened yesterday. The normal test program for a newly built submarine had been going well. It was mid morning, Alan was in the conning tower, and Squalus was starting her nineteenth test dive. The bow of the submarine tilted down and entered the water. He watched as the sea covered the eye ports in the conning tower. He could hear orders being given calmly in the control room below. The boat began to level off as it approached periscope-depth. Read more…


Excerpt from Chapter Four

Meeting the Family

Marjorie turned to Alan and said, “Jennifer did bury herself in her graduate studies for quite a while, you know. I think she said something about running into you on a train a year or two ago, while she was in the middle of all that?” Read more…


Excerpt from Chapter Twenty-Five

A Buzz Job

Armiston began the briefing. “Today the air group has been assigned to make a mock attack on the Army coastal defense installations around Portland Harbor as an exercise for us and for the army. No ordnance or ammunition will be carried, and this will not be a surprise; the army will be waiting for us, although they won’t know the exact time of our arrival. Bombing Five will take off at 0930 and attack first at 1000. We will clear the area, and Fighting Forty-Two and Torpedo Five will make their attacks. Read more…


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